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European Initiative

Healthy lifestyle at work & home

“It's not the customer who comes first, it's the employee. Take care of your employees, they take care of your customers."

Richard Branson

Health and well-being of employees is management matter

Health is our most valuable asset and employees are a company's most important "capital". In times of corona and a shortage of skilled workers, this can become a decisive competitive factor, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The desire for exercise and healthy nutrition should always come from the employees themselves.

The idea

The European initiative "Healthy Lifestyle at Work and Home" brings together employers and employees from different sectors as well as stakeholders, experts and associations to inform about healthy nutrition physical activity and mental health at work and at home. Together, we want to explain possibilities and provide valuable tips on how employers can contribute to maintaining and strengthening the quality of life, performance and health and motivation of their employees. The offer also applies to self-employed and salaried employees who are interested in health tips and suggestions.


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01 Nutrition

"You are what you eat."

Ludwig Feuerbach

Offering a bowl of fruit for employees is a good start toward sustainable nutrition. The goal of eating healthy despite stress and lack of time at work and at home is best achieved together.

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02 Exercise & Sport

"Treat your body well, so your soul enjoys living in it"

Theresa von Avila

Whether it is stress, a rigid sitting posture, lack of exercise or physical strain: working people need a balance to stay healthy and productive. As an employer, you can contribute to motivation in many ways - perhaps also together with a local sports club.

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03 Wellbeing & Mental Health

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"Health is not a state of the body,

but of the mind."

Mary Baker Eddy

Mental health problems affect an increasing number of employees. The triggers and causes are manifold. It is important to recognize this at an early stage, to seek consultation and to offer help and professional advice.

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04 Effects of the pandemic on the
      the world of work

"Most work more effectively at home, hardly take any breaks, forget which day of the week it is (...)

Who can keep it up?"

Jutta Rump

Covid -19 has greatly changed the working environment for many, especially also through home office. This poses significant challenges, not only for companies, but also for employees. The boundaries between work, family and private life are becoming increasingly blurred, and the balance can easily get lost.

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Our range

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Exchange of experience

Gemeinsam am Projekt arbeiten


Information is the basis for the successful prevention of mental and physical illnesses. That is why the European initiative “Healthy at work and at home” wants to bundle activities such as workshops, events and projects and bring together all committed interest groups. The aim is to support SMEs in their endeavors to develop suitable corporate health management strategies in order to inspire and encourage employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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Political patronage EU

Members of the European Parliament who have long been committed to small and medium-sized enterprises or health could be won as supporters of our initiative. In doing so, they not only want to express their special interest and commitment, but also gain practical insights for their political work through direct exchange.

Political patronage Germany

Germany is leading the way in implementing the HLI initiative on a national level. Local support is crucial to successful implementation. Whether federal-, state-, or local politics - we are grateful for the commitment and advice of elected officials at all levels. With their support, we bring together SMEs, sports and health associations and other important partners who are committed to working together to achieve the goal of "improving and maintaining the health of the employees of small and medium-sized enterprises”.

Expert network

We rely on experts who are enthusiastic about our idea. All partners can access their research and expertise. The combination of expertise, information and exchange of experience provides the optimal basis for jointly developing and successfully implementing projects for more health and wellbeing at work and at home.